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The seven phenolic insulation board performance advantages

by:Ventech     2020-10-12
Since the 90 s, phenolic insulation board manufacturer production of phenolic foam obtained very big development, the phenolic insulation board performance is good, the phenolic insulation board density precision, has received the attention, mainly used in high-rise buildings, hospitals and sports facilities, and other fields. The following detailed introduce for everybody what phenolic insulation board is the performance?

seven phenolic insulation board performance advantages:

1. Excellent insulation insulation performance: phenolic hard bubble is a kind of thermosetting plastics, the solidified into independent microcellular foam, bubble hole diameter is 50 - 80 microns, the coefficient of thermal conductivity ( K value) At zero. 019 - 0. 035w/m. K, ( Such as, according to the requirement of the national building energy efficiency 65% 4 cm thick phenolic hard foam board is equivalent to 10 - 12 cm thick polystyrene insulation effect) 。

2. Excellent fire retardant properties, phenolic insulation board plate under the torch flame burn ( Self-extinguishing) , melting, secondary, deformation, no drip, no smoke, less co discharge, excluding other toxic substances, etc. , is a real 'safe' fire insulation materials.

3. Good waterproof performance: the authoritative inspection department bibulous rate in 2 - 3%, and not because of water absorption and reduce the insulation effect and other adverse changes.

4. Unique sound insulation and sound absorption performance: phenolic insulation board itself has the unique sound insulation and sound absorption effect, the sound absorption coefficient of a value is better than that of other plastic foam board.

5. Sophisticated weather resistance: phenolic insulation board plank in - From 160 to 180 degrees Celsius, not aging. No deformation. Not bad ( Allow clearance temperature of 250 degrees Celsius) 。

6. Excellent chemical properties and solvent resistance: phenolic insulation board plate for all kinds of acid, alkali chemicals. Solvent has a strong resistance.

7. Natural light and strong performance: phenolic insulation board itself has the quality of light. Density in 20 - Between 60 kg/m3, and with the increase of density of phenolic insulation board intensity increase.

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