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The use of phenolic insulation board

by:Ventech     2021-01-11
Phenolic insulation board is made of phenolic foam is a new type of fire, the fire smoke of thermal insulation material, it is made of phenolic resin in foaming agent and other chemicals obturator made of hard material. Mainly in the form of plastic bubble in front of people. Its most outstanding characteristic is not burning, fire, smoke, and preheating is not easy to deformation. By extensive use in the construction site, is necessary in the construction of a thermal insulation material.
in the north, the winter of the problem are below zero degrees Celsius, but the temperature of the south is in 10 degrees Celsius. Buildings used in the phenolic insulation board how many to be the summer heat, rain washed and summer heat, the influence of solar radiation, over time, lose the phenolic plate the best effect. So in the different areas of phenolic plate construction engineering use different requirements. Even in the case of do not conform to the temperature using phenolic board will release harmful substances, so the material monitoring department is very strict to the use of phenolic board do monitoring.
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