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The wide application of phenolic plate

by:Ventech     2020-10-01

phenolic foam is made of phenolic foam belongs to organic aluminum foil, with thermosetting phenolic resin foam. Traditional phenolic board not only can be used for exterior insulation system, can be also prepared to act the role of surface composite insulation decoration plate, can also be used to build the traditional EPS/XPS exterior wall thermal insulation system fire belt/PU, will be used for fire prevention in the curtain wall thermal insulation materials, fire door insulation materials, as well as low or high temperature of fire insulation material.

phenolic plate is a new kind of non-combustible low smoke, fire insulation materials, it is made of phenolic resin in foaming agent, curing agent and other additives made of closed-cell rigid foam. It is the most prominent feature of non-combustible, low smoke, resistance to high temperature of different change. It overcomes the original type foam thermal insulation material inflammable, cigarettes, drawback of the metabolic that encounter heat, retained the original type foam thermal insulation material is qualitative light, construction is convenient wait for a characteristic. Phenolic insulation board making convenient: can according to user needs in site construction; Cleaning and hygiene; Using aluminum foil composite sandwich board surface, ensuring the health of air from the duct, the frictional resistance is small, the air quality is high, because the product is called environmental duct. Because the product is made up of aluminum foil ﹢ phenolic foam ﹢ aluminum foil, and therefore has a good sound insulation, vibration resistance dimming and flame retardant, energy-saving features, to reduce the operation cost. Phenolic foam is referred to as 'the king of the insulating material.

it is a new generation of heat preservation sound insulation material. In recent years, it's in high-rise buildings, transport, shipping, aviation, space technology and other fields has been widely used. With the expansion of the construction of the urbanization and accelerating the pace of urban construction, people's choice of building materials have relatively certain requirements. Since this century, all kinds of natural disasters emerge in endlessly. The choice of building materials and consumer concerns. In this case, the phenolic board embodies the advantages of its own, such as light weight, non-toxic, non-corrosive, thermal insulation, energy-saving, sound insulation, low cost, etc. , there is no freon foam. No environmental pollution, good processability, convenient construction, comprehensive performance is superior to all kinds of insulation material at present. Phenolic plate composite products are widely used in large built-in system, class a insulation system, wall insulation and decoration integration system, fire door interlining, caigang sandwich, and other fields, because of this, it can in high-rise buildings, transportation, shipbuilding, aviation and other fields to achieve good performance.

space technology and so on, will get the favour of broad consumer, become the mainstream of the current and future construction materials. With the accelerating process of socialism and the market should not be underestimated. At present, the phenolic foam in developed countries has developed rapidly, has been widely used in construction, national defense, foreign trade, warehousing and storage, energy and other fields. Phenolic material accounted for 40% of the construction using acoustic foam; Japan has also established the phenolic foam popularization association, to promote the new material. This product conforms to the Ministry of Public Security and the ministry of civil building fire system fire provisional requirements, with the development of social economy, will certainly to appear in the building materials market in China! { + * /}
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