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What are the advantages of polyurethane insulation board

by:Ventech     2020-12-05
According to the feedback information, my company production of polyurethane insulation board because of its scientific design, well received by customers in terms of cost savings. My company production of polyurethane insulation board, of course, not only this one advantage, in order to be able to be you better understand our product advantages, in the following we will show our company produce the outer walls of the polyurethane insulation board for you three advantages.


it breeds generally include stainless steel plate, embossed aluminum plate, color steel plate, glass plate. Many varieties, specifications of the library board, more can satisfy your special needs and select. Has good heat insulation performance of lightweight polyurethane as inner material, outside by SII, PVC color cast, a splint made of steel plate, stainless steel plate type library board, can reduce the heat transfer due to the temperature difference between inside and outside, in order to achieve the maximum efficiency of refrigeration, cold storage system.

fireproof coefficient reaches the national fire protection standard grade A

this kind of material has met the characteristics of high temperature does not soften. Contain flame retardant material, can prevent fire or stop the fire spreading. Insulation products made of this material can meet self-extinguishing fire, not to the man-made damage, its softening point can reach 250 degrees Celsius, will appear only in high temperature decomposition, so do not worry about the happening of the fire.

appearance beautiful

under the same heat preservation effect, this kind of pu heat preservation of exterior wall plate can decrease the thickness of the outer protection structure, thus increase the indoor use area, external appearance more beautiful. And its resistance to deformation ability is strong, not easy craze, facing stability.

our company to provide you with high quality pu heat preservation material, my company has a strong research and development, the production team to make cheaper, more high quality product of the masses. If necessary, can contact us: - 0316 8066098
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