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What are the drawbacks with phenolic insulation board building air conditioning

by:Ventech     2020-11-01
( The article abstract] : so legend phenolic insulation board faults on the network a lot, such as the need to 21 days cure to use, such as this product is fragile, a touch a pit, uneven density is not suitable for air conditioning and so on, the truth so?

product faults:

building air conditioning phenolic insulation board composed of phenolic foam foaming curing strong flame retardant performance, insulation performance and use fixed number of year. The legend on the Internet and what's the disadvantage of building air conditioning phenolic insulation board, such as curing 21 days is needed to use, such as the modified phenolic plate products is more brittle, a touch a pit, uneven density is not suitable for air conditioning and so on, true whether the case?

phenolic insulation board picture

shortcomings origin:

building air conditioning phenolic insulation board has faults is not unfounded, phenolic foam products do have these defects, phenolic foam products entering our country ten years ago when almost nothing except for flame retardant, phenolic products just as fire belt use, because it is A crisp touch A pit, flame retardant again good also dare not large area for air conditioning, can only be use of polystyrene material as the main insulation materials, such as phenolic foam separation each layer in A circle, the usage is not high price, per cubic metre of 1000 yuan, the reason is that content with rare for expensive, as many users do not know the true value of products, but class A insulation even in rock wool board, so explosive growth in sales, product defects and no cause enough attention.

quality improved:

years phenolic insulation board air conditioning sales in the beginning of the blowout hair development, any phenolic enterprises earn rich, per cubic or RMB profits for many manufacturers overnight a year into a multimillionaire, the phenolic insulation board defect is more and more obvious, some of the head of the air conditioning phenolic plate manufacturers began to develop modified phenolic board production line, since changed the way manual mode to send, the quality of assembly line 10 times, there is no need to how many days, today to produce users can use the following day, never to soften, fracture and other issues. Die phenolic plate gradually out of the building materials market, now commonly used in equipment interlayer insulation, phenolic insulation tube, etc. , mechanism of phenolic insulation board due to stable quality, low cost in the construction market has been a leading product.

the above is to introduce the shortcomings about building air conditioning phenolic insulation board is what of the related content, hope to help you, if you need this product, single ( Aluminum foil) Caigang phenolic plate please select city bo hui, my factory production equipment advanced, timely service, wholesale prices low, sample free of charge!
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